1. What is your website all about?

Our website is about the Pet Expo Conference that quarterly happens in the middle of Hong Kong. You can find all things related to pets, pet products, pet ownership, pet grooming, and even starting a pet business in Hong Kong. Here, you can get information about upcoming events near your area. You can also know more about current tools and devices that you can use to care for your favorite pets.

2. What can I see at a pet expo conference?

If you own a pet or are interested in owning one, you definitely have to go to the next Pet Expo. Here in the conference, you will find interesting pets to own- from birds and reptiles to canines and felines. We opted to build a website for the Pet Conference to give you a walkthrough on the exciting activities that will occur in the event.

For those who own pet shops or even a shop online, you can take advantage of special discounts on pet products and services that will be given during the conference. You can get more items for less. This means more revenue for your business.

3. I do not own a pet. Can I still go?

Yes. Discover the pet lover in you! Check out wholesome family activities that people who does not own a pet can still enjoy. We have booths wherein you can hold a reptile, a dog or a cat. Have a feel on what kind of pet you really want. And, maybe, get a pet on the way home.

4. Can I buy a ticket online?

Currently, we are still working on an online ticketing booth so that you can easily purchase a ticket for your family. Regularly check our website to see updates on when our online ticket booth will open.

5. How do I become part of the Pet Conference?

If you are a company or brand that wants to get a booth at the pet expo conference, you can send your company details on our Contacts Page.

6. I want to receive newsletters about the Pet Expo. How can I send my personal information to you?

You can go to our Opt-in Page and input all your details on the form provided. We will gladly send you notifications and other emails about the event.